Kristin will be assisting us with social media and events.

Kristin Keightley

My name is Kristin Keightley and I am in grade 10 at St Anne’s Diocesan College. I love swimming in our beautiful ocean and am very passionate about preserving our marine life.

I will use my skills to create awareness about the state of our ocean and aim to inspire more people to join Breathe’s monthly cleanups and support their cause. It is critical to maintain the marine ecology in a pristine state as the oceans have an influence on the overall health of our planet.

Josh will be assisting us with film, media and events.

Josh Crocker

Hey my name is Josh. I am in grade 11 at Northwood Boys High. I’m a swimmer that loves to swim in the ocean because you never know what you will get and I’m a type of person who will help in any way that I can. The main reason why I love the ocean so much is because it’s a whole other world with its own way of life and it is so peaceful. My favorite animal is the dolphin because they are smart, graceful, agile and they are friendly.

Tahirah Naicker

I’m Tahirah, a passionate changemaker, scout and ocean enthusiast. I love inspiring change and sharing stories of H.O.P.E. through storytelling, videography and social media.

As a Breathe Ambassador I hope to collaborate on citizen science and ocean conservation projects to make waves of change… (read more)

live deeply, tread lightly

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