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We try to pick areas that have not been swum before as well as areas that are badly affected by plastic pollution. Each location we pick is intended to demonstrate that the plastic pollution crisis is a global issue and that it affects ALL of us – even the most remote island in the world. Over the next 18 months we have a series of swims planned that aims to highlight this issue and each swim has its own unique challenges. These are pioneering swims that never been done before. We are going into the unknown and exposing ourselves to the elements to make a statement against platic pollution.


A remote Island in the South Pacific between Chile and New Zealand, this Island has the second highest concentration of micro plastics in the world. Sarah will be attempting to swim around the Island to highlight the growing issue of plastic pollution and is working closely with Mark Minnebo in Chile (a representative of Plastic Oceans) in her research to do the swim. It will be the first of its kind, only one other person has attempted this swim but was unsuccessful.

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Watch this space for more details


Watch this space for more details