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I was swimming on one of my regular sea swims one morning with two of my regular training partners.

We were all a little bit apprehensive today for no apparent reason other than the fact that the last time we swam there were quite a few LARGER jellyfish in the water and I got stung by a blue bottle! Although the wind was not a typical North East Wind which brings the Jellies; they still seemed to hang about!

I made a deal with my one friend at the start to not tell me what she saw (she swims with a snorkel) I would rather not know and live in ignorant bliss than see the creatures lurking around me! The saying that ignorance is bliss is really true!

It was an uneventful first leg of the swim and as we turned around it got a bit choppier and so we decided to head back. My one friend asked if I wanted to know how many she had seen and I said no thanks and put my head down and continued the return leg, blissfully unaware! We neared the end of the swim when the other friend spotted a jelly and she was so stoked to have seen it! She stopped and called us and after hanging back for a bit I decided to join them, and go and have a look and see what the great excitement was all about.

They are beautiful and fascinating creatures. It is the unknown for me that freaks me out, more than the actual Jellyfish!

I am aware that you can die from multiple stings and that some are more deadly than others so I didn’t particularly want to put my life at risk unnecessarily! I certainly kept my distance as I have a healthy respect for jellies and in hindsight was told that 50 more people die from Jellyfish as oppose to 4 from shark attacks! I think I would rather be a shark attack victim than a Jellyfish!

The whole purpose of this little blog was to share my epiphany during this time.

Sometimes it is dangerous, but within that danger is a respect for life and the beauty of God’s creation

I realised that so often in life we just keep going and rush through life fulfilling duties, ticking off to do lists and just rushing from one thing to the next and we miss the small details around us. There is beauty and amazingness all around us ALL the time, we just need to open our eyes and absorb it. Sometimes it is dangerous, but in that danger is a respect for life and the beauty of God’s creation.

Photo by Irina Kostenich on Unsplash

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