Ocean & Forest Conservation United Worldwide - TREES & SEAS

We are excited to announce Trees & Seas an annual festival celebrating and uniting ocean and forest conservation worldwide – 2 – 8 August 2021

Over 20 Events Worldwide • 50,000 Trees Planted
Beach Cleanups • Panel Discussions
Youth Workshops • Arts & Music

Dear Friends:

As part of our BlueCommunities initiative, we are excited to officially announce Trees & Seas, an exciting new project in partnership with One Tree Planted, EarthDay.org and ÜNÜ.

This annual festival aims to connect the dots between ocean and forest conservation, emphasizing how we are all one planet … one ecosystem … and in the end, one global community united in our effort to foster a healthier planet for all. The main event will take place in Patagonia, on Chile’s Chiloé Island, and there will be over 20 satellite events around the world. With all events being COVID compliant.

This is a big undertaking, but one we welcome and one that we need your help with. Our sponsors have taken care of most of the operational costs for the event, but we are still in need of funding for the following: Youth Workshops. We need to develop an education guide and curriculum that teaches kids the value of and relationship between forest and ocean conservation. This will be translated into multiple languages. We hope to also provide each child with a reusable water bottle or plastic-free toothbrush. Coastal and Forest Cleanups. We require supplies that include gloves, masks, tools, hand sanitizer and transportation of waste. Reforestation. We currently have funding for 20,000 of the 50,000 trees we hope to plant, so we still need support for an additional 30,000. Film Production. Our goal is to document the entire Trees & Seas experience, creating a powerful educational tool that tells inspirational human stories of those that are making a difference within their communities. Things will likely be scaled back a bit this year, but we still need to raise about $50,000 by August 1. Can you help? We would certainly appreciate your support and we pledge to you that 100% of all individual donations will directly go to the four action areas listed above. We are also happy to report that all workshops, panel discussions and live music will also be available online FREE to everybody.


We are so excited about our new Slip Slop Campaign.

Do you know what happens to your old slip slops?  They most likely end up in the sea and on our beaches.  YOU CAN NOW RECYCLE THEM!!

Check out this amazing video on how we can recycle our old slip slops!!




USA | 2021 | 58 minutes Against the Current is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the journey of South African endurance swimmer Sarah Ferguson, as she attempts to become the first person ever to swim around Easter Island (Rapa Nui) non-stop. It’s a 40-mile challenge that was estimated to take up to 32 hours to complete, swimming through strong currents, powerful winds and other hurdles throughout … and it was all done to raise awareness about the issue of plastic pollution.

Directed by Tod Hardin

Cinematography and Editing by Erik Aleynikov

Narrated by Matthew Modine

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Our Story

We believe in a plastic-free ocean

Breathe Conservation inspires and encourages all people to walk as if they are kissing the earth with their feet.

Wise words of Thich Nhat Hanh, this powerful mantra unpacks our message to live deeply and tread lightly.

We aspire to be pioneers in the industry by aiming high and eliminating rather than reducing plastic pollution in the ocean, and the world around us. We’re focused on tackling culprits like straws, coffee cups, plastic bags and sucker sticks and promote responsiveness when it comes to addressing such a big, overwhelming task.

The idea is to respond in the moment, where you can,  to stop plastic pollution – no matter how small the effort may seem.