How can you make a difference?

Breathe Surf Riders Facts and Tips, a short document on how you can make a difference. It starts with you.

Why can’t we just ban all plastic packaging?

Banning all plastic packaging without finding suitable alternative materials can have unintended consequences.

Why can't we use glass or paper materials instead?

Replacing plastic with other materials such as glass or paper doesn’t necessarily make for a straightforward, environmentally-friendly swap.

What about bio-plastics, biodegradable and compostable plastics?

It’s easy to confuse bio-plastics, biodegradable and compostable plastics, but each means something completely different.

Is recycling just an excuse to carry on producing more plastic?

We’re all trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use. For the plastic we can’t avoid using, recycling is the most widely available solution.

Is recycling worth it?

We’ve gone from recycling no plastic packaging to 44% of plastic packaging in just 10 years.

Are brands, retailers and plastic producers doing enough

The meteoric rise of the plastics movement has alerted everyone to the gravity of the problem.

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