Why Breathe?

People often ask me ‘Why Breathe?’ ‘Why the ocean?’ I have always had a passion for water. My relationship with water has grown from paddling in it as a child to becoming a national competitive swimmer. Since retiring from competitive swimming, I knew that my future still involved swimming and my relationship with water. The ocean covers 70% of the earth’s surface. Plastic makes up for nearly 70% of the ocean’s litter. We cannot survive without the ocean – it is Earth’s primary life support. We rely on it to regulate the climate and to provide us with food. 

If we don’t protect the ocean, we will die.  It is our responsibility to protect it. The more I have seen and read about our oceans, the more my advocacy for protecting it has grown and deepened. And I have a gift. I can swim. I use my God-given gift of swimming to travel the world: organising swims and educating people about our oceans and plastic pollution. I do this through my non-profit organisation, Breathe.

Breathe has already partnered with ‘A Plastic Ocean’ and is the first organisation to screen the plastic ocean documentary in South Africa.

Breathe has worked with ‘I am Water’, ‘Four Elements Conservation’ and The Dominoe Foundation in organising various projects where we promote beach cleanups, education and exposure to the ocean.

We have also been working with various retail stores, where we have educated them in eradicating plastic:

  • Local Spar stores now use paper bags.
  • Afros no longer use straws
  • Surf Riders restaurant


Our Swims