The Team


Sarah Ferguson

Sarah is a retired national swimmer who holds a Guinness World Record for becoming the first person to circumnavigate Easter Island.
She uses her passion and talent for pioneering extreme swims around the world to create a platform to educate and inspire people to change their behaviour.
Breathe was founded to help do that and since then has grown and developed to include a team of people who share the same vision.

Marine Guide & Environmental Educator

Elzanne Marais

Elzanne is a professional marine guide and environmental educator. With more than ten years experience guiding in the marine environment, she is currently completing her terrestrial and cultural guiding qualifications.
She is involved in numerous outreach projects and has facilitated and implemented various programmes within schools. These programmes are intended to create experiences where schools get educational value as well as connect with nature in ways they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Social Media and Design

Jenni Petersen

Jenni is owner of Skivvy Virtual Assistants with six years’ experience in the ‘online world’ and virtual administration. Jenni assists Sarah with social media management, design and administration.
By using her passion for administration and knowledge of the online world, she utilises her skills to make sure Breathe is represented well, that their voice is heard and their cause is supported and promoted.

Scuba instructor and social and environmental activator

David Moldenhauer

Dave joined the team at BREATHE motivated by his passion for conservation, learning, coaching, sharing of knowledge and experiences and his love of adventure. He has been a SCUBA instructor for 20 years, worked as an overland and dive-travel tour operator and over the years has had the privilege of interacting with multitudes of people equally passionate about the marine and terrestrial environment. Having spent almost five years in the waste management and recycling industry he has first-hand experience of the environmental challenges we are facing on a global scale. For the last eight years Dave has been working for marine and terrestrial Conservation NGO’s where his solution-oriented approach and ability to develop meaningful relationships with communities and stakeholders served him well. Dave brings enthusiasm for life, fresh ideas and an ability to operationalize strategies so that they may have a meaningful impact on the ground.

Creative Specialist & Film Maker

Billi-Jean Parker

As a writer and producer of over 30 natural history documentary films, Billi-Jean is privileged that her “work” allows her to tell stories about fascinating critters and spectacular locations. You can usually find her underwater scuba diving, snorkeling, filming or sharing her passion for the ocean and its creatures with anyone who will listen. She deeply believes that sharing the wonder of the ocean is the first step to conserving it.
Billi-Jean supports Breathe as a marine guide at the monthly Reef and Beach Cleanups and captures the fun and hard work on video. She is also a valuable asset as one of our newest board members offering invaluable wisdom in the media aspect of our work.

Accounting Officer

Avishkar Panday CA(SA)

Accounting 4 Associates (PTY) LTD.

Avishkar is a Chartered Accountant with more than 10 years of industry experience in South Africa, the UK and USA. He has a passion for data, energy efficiency and has been leading Accounting 4 Associates since 2018.

Accounting 4 Associates has been servicing the SMME market since 1991 and proudly boasts an all-female team of accounting associates with service lines spanning accounting, tax, payroll, CIPC, wills, trusts and estates with its value systems aligned to “Trust. Integrity. Efficiency.”.

Accounting 4 has agreed to render its services pro-bono to Breathe Conservation. After meeting with the executives of Breathe Conservation, Accounting 4 felt energized about playing a part in reducing plastic pollution. As a firm, Accounting 4 has reduced its waste footprint by implementing recycling measures for all paper and by installing timers on energy efficient geysers. It is their hope that more companies and individuals will be educated to do the same.

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