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by | Aug 10, 2018 | View from the sea

This has been a great week. I did my first double training session in over 8 months. And I felt great! It is still surreal for me to feel so amazing all the time. To feel normal and have energy that I forgot existed! I know I keep harping on about it, but it really is such a transition, it is hard to believe how much a little snail could affect my daily performance.
I have also started to have fun again, enjoying the freedom of being able to do fun stuff that requires a little bit of energy that previously I was unable to do due to physical exhaustion as well as the fear of getting worse. I am now free to enjoy the sea the way that I love.

I tried out my coaches’ body board on Friday with a colleague from work (no fins) but I caught some really fun waves, I body surfed on Sunday with my handgun and a mate and the last 2 ‘training’ sessions in the sea & pool have actually just been fun more than training.

I am growing in my confidence of catching and reading bigger waves and learning how not to panic when I get dunked in big swell. I love the challenge of conquering a training swim in large swell, pushing through rips and also learning how to use the currents to my advantage. After reading ‘Stoked’ I am inspired to learn to know the sea, currents and swell as best as I can over the next 90+ weeks as I prepare for my channel crossing.

This extra year gives me space to enjoy the journey and formulate a very specific plan

There are a few changes in terms of the crossing which I will reveal later on. For now, (As you may have figured out) I have pushed my swim a year later to allow me to have time to learn the sea, get fitter, stronger and be better prepared without so much pressure of trying to do it in only 6 months, This extra year gives me space to enjoy the journey and formulate a very specific plan which allows room to breathe have fun and enjoy the journey!

I am amped for this week, to build on my fitness and grow in my confidence in the ocean with and without a craft to assist me!

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