by | Aug 10, 2018 | View from the sea

This week has been my rest week and it has been good. Work has not played the rest game well with me though with me being fully booked for the last two days of the week with a waiting list.

My average heart rate was between 75 & 80ish which is rather high. On one occasion first thing in the morning on my way to work it was 93!

So the heart rate monitoring is working well for me. I am enjoying the specificity of it. My recovery sessions have been focused on keeping my heart rate below 130 which proved to be quite challenging during my gym session on Wednesday. I snuck in a sneaky swim on Thursday which was the highlight of my working week. A simple swim out to back line followed by a float and a couple of strokes before catching some waves which was followed by coffee and a brownie at one of my favourite coffee spots in Durbs opposite Durban’s iconic stadium overlooking the beach. That set me up for my full day and I was ready for the weekend by the time it arrived.

Saturday was fun spent at Giba gorge for a kid’s party. I went for a very slow 5km cycle to and from the waterfall and spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday on the couch recovering from my recovery week and preparing for week 2 of my training week.

I do not feel fully rested but I am looking forward to training again.
I realised this week the importance and essentiality of eating and sleeping correctly along with cutting down my time at work. Because I have a physical job I don’t really ever get to rest physically. The small gaps that I get, I need to be intentional in taking time out for a sneaky sea swim or a power nap. To get out of the office and have a change of scenery is vital in my recovery.

I have also been blessed

Some good news out of this week is that I have managed to get within 1% of my target body fat percentage. I have also been blessed with the offer by a patient of mine to do all my flights at nett price for my trip. So all in all it has been a productive rest week with many lessons learnt.
Hopefully I will get through this training week without being sick and feeling stronger than the week before.

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