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by | Aug 10, 2018 | View from the sea

This weekend I had the privilege of attending a wedding of an amazing couple that I am blessed to call my friends. The wedding was down the coast in Port Edward at a stunning lodge with large expansive lawns, surrounded by tropical foliage at the edge of an estuary. I went down with a group of mates and we stayed at this awesome little tree lodge overlooking the Estuary.

The wedding was a weekend of celebrations with friends and family from all over. It was such a beautiful picture of community and living life together. The couple are best friends and that was so evident in every aspect of the wedding and weekend’s celebrations. The ceremony was short but so real and a true reflection of this couple coming together as strong individuals and using those strengths to complement each other and unite as a team to impact and influence each other’s lives as well as those around them. The guest’s joy in this celebration and the enthusiastic participation in games like tug of war (even in high heels and dresses) was a reflection of this.

We even got to watch the rugby semi-final which (although, sadly, we lost) was another example of the humility and selflessness that this couple demonstrate along with their fierce patriotism and pride to be South Africans.

After a fun and long night of celebrations, I woke the next day and decided to cease the opportunity to do a 3km fresh water swim with limited sleep to see how my body would respond whilst my friends wake boarded. (I can’t afford to take risks of getting injured considering my history of shoulder and knee injuries)

The swim was spectacular, it was the most perfect day, warm water and I was alone swimming alongside the river bank with no fear of crocs, sharks or hippos (I had chatted to a local before getting in and the mouth has been closed for years apparently) Although my shoulder was a bit niggly, I simply swam at my own easy pace and simply enjoyed the experience. Following on from last week’s blog, I was savouring the moment, enjoying the journey, there was no rush, I stopped when I needed to look out for speeding boats or change stroke to give my shoulder a break.

I listened to my body and focused on my long strokes whilst enjoying the freedom of swimming on my own in nature doing what I love where I love it after celebrating an amazing demonstration of love and commitment with a bunch of friends.

We drove back via Mac Bananas one of my favourite restaurants down the south coast to replenish and refuel before the 2 hour drive home. I was designated driver and so had time to reflect on the weekend and the week whilst my mates slept. The week was a very busy, but productive one and I feel I got the right balance between work, rest and training as well as having some fun!

The weekend ended with a guest preacher at our church sharing about living in the Kingdom and freedom of living under the Kingship of the one true King in Jesus Christ and God. He was talking about living in abundant blessing and the calling we have on earth to share that with others and claim that freedom and blessing as we have relationship with God.

I am feeling abundantly blessed and free to be living the life I do

This is a life long journey, but right now, in this place I am feeling abundantly blessed and free to be living the life I do and walking in freedom after a long battle against health and injuries. It has been over a month since ‘Bili” (Bilharzia) has died and I still can’t get over how well I feel and the freedom of being able to train and have late nights and have fun again.

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