Day 4- Elephant coast swim

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Travel, View from the sea

Today was rest day. I woke up feeling good, just a slight tightness/ wheeze in my chest but arms felt good. We had a slow start to the morning with a breakfast smoothie on steroids (avo, beetroot, spinach, mandarin juice, apple juice, banana, lemon, pear, egg and pineapple) it was delicious despite what it sounds like!

Wofty had gone for an early morning dolphin dive with Angie, a local dolphin expert and Sarah, Angelika & I went to meet her for a little information no dolphin interactions and got to understand them better. We then headed out for a recovery swim in the Ponto bay in the rain before heading back to pack up and load for our next destination.
We arrived in Sodwana and were met by the crew from Adventure Mania, Jaques, Amanda and Isimangaliso local, Sam who were so excited and enthusiastic about our swim series. We were briefed on the weather and outline for the next 3 days and shown to our huge home which was to accommodate us for the next few days.

I am super excited for tomorrow’s swim

We settled in, had some late lunch and then headed out to do some whale watching before a dinner of Thai green curry and salad. I am super excited for tomorrow’s swim and really hope we get to at least hear the whales underwater!

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