Digging deep whilst maintaining perspective

by | Aug 10, 2018 | View from the sea

This past week was incredibly tough training wise. I can’t remember feeling this tired from training since I was training competitively. I feel like I have reached a new level in my training and am incredibly grateful for the three rest days I have just had and a lighter training load this week.

I have done the equivalent of my Kaiwi channel swim in 8 sessions and I have a year to go! I know my body will adapt and in a few months time a week like last week will be relatively easy but I feel I have accomplished a lot recently. I have had to make sacrifices just to get through this week and maintain relatively normal functioning. I have had to be diligent in setting recovery strategies in place to allow me to recover and complete the training required.

Saying no to movies out and dinner with friends and opting instead for a recovery sports massage and more sustainable home cooked meal and early night have been some of the sacrifices made. I have had to be intentional in channelling my energy and time into things I have to do and resting when I can in between work and training.
Thankfully God knew I had a big week and I only had one patient to treat last Tuesday allowing me some time to do some admin and rest my body in preparation for the rest of the

Increasing my pool sessions from 6 – 7 km was a lot harder than I imagined but the knowledge that I had a weekend away with some of my favourite people down the South coast was enough incentive to enable me to dig deep and push through.

I have to remind myself to maintain perspective of the bigger picture. One year feels so far away and yet I know that this last block of training is invaluable to me going forward. Digging deep, making sacrifices and pushing through fatigue is part of the process.

I believe I am now training and striving for something bigger than me

I have had numerous conversations with people about whether it is all worth it at the end of the day. I have seen elite athletes struggle after retirement from their chosen sport and even experienced it firsthand. But whilst competing for yourself or your country is an achievable and potentially rewardable goal, I believe I am now training and striving for something bigger than me that even if I don’t accomplish it, the journey and lessons learnt are invaluable and are hopefully making an impact along the way. My perspective has shifted and that has only happened through experience and a renewed sense of maturity. The goal is still there and it is big, but there is more that is bigger. I know there is a very real possibility I may not complete the channel crossing for a variety of environmental and uncontrollable variables. That is life. It’s ever changing and hardly ever turns out how we plan it to but that is why my purpose is rooted in the process rather than the outcome.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who do believe in my dream and encourage me to pursue it. I do not doubt for a second that I can complete the swim, but I need to keep my vision secondary to my day to day life making one good decision at a time and aiming to thoroughly enjoy every step of the way despite the fatigue, sore muscles, sacrifices and hurdles that come along the way.

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