Elephant Coast swim day 2

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Travel, View from the sea

Today was a phenomenal day of swimming. I woke up feeling horrid and dreading the thought of 5 hours in the water, not sure if I could manage the entire way considering how sore and tender my shoulders were- especially the left one. Day 1 was tough as I struggled to get into a rhythm with all the marine interruptions. It felt long and being the first long swim since Hawaii it took it’s toll on me mentally and physically,. The boat ride to the start of day 2 was long!

We were dropped off at Tekobanin again. John and Sarah swam me to shore to help me negotiate the big surf, although it was not that bad it was wonderful having their company.
Once we were on the beach Sarah started her watch and we were off.

The water was a warm 22C and almost immediately I found my rhythm, the water was blue and clean and we swam a bit deeper out to sea which is my happy place. Free and completely mesmerised by the sun rays reflecting through the water as if they are dancing. What a treat. Wow. I found my groove and knew it was going to be a good day.

Sarah swam with me for the first 20 minutes and then jumped onto the boat to give me my first feed. I fed really well again and Sarah jumped back in for a bit to swim a bit longer with me. Everything felt great and I was indeed in my happy place. I spotted a sand shark, some fuesliers and load sof jelly stingy things, I got a few stings but nothing serious.

Recovery was almost as long as the swim

At one point I spotted a small looking shark going the other way from me underneath and I realised it probably was not that small cos the visibility was so good it was quite far away!
All in all I was stoked with todays result finishing in an official time of 4;16.32.
Total distance showed 17.1kmcalories 3790 ave pace 1.30/100 ave HR 111bpm max 150bpm

Day 2 done!
Recovery was almost as long as the swim and Angelika treated me to a 2 and a half hour massage after my 20 minute Epson salt bath. Tomorrow is looking good!

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