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2015 has passed and as we embark on a new year I’d like to reflect on 2015. From a swimming perspective I started 2015 with a Robben Island Crossing and ended the year swimming around Cape Point. Quite a fitting start and end to a somewhat tumultuous year. In between these 2 iconic swims I managed the annual Ocean Challenge which was only 5km this year, the Lake Eland 3km, DLDSA 3km, a few 5km training swims and the toughest one to date- the 25 pier challenge. For more information on these swims you can have a look at my website

The majority of 2015 was spent battling against ‘chronic fatigue’ which after 8 months of fighting turned out to be Bilharzia. I have never been so happy to have a positive blood test!

I lost 2 friends to cancer and another friend is fighting the battle to beat this dreaded disease.
I managed a few trips to Cape Town for pleasure and memorials. I moved into an amazing house inheriting 2 gorgeous ginger cats- Mylo & Maverick to accompany my dynamic fish tank.

Work wise it has been a steady year. My Pilates classes have grown to 3 full classes and a new beginner’s class on a Thursday morning. Unfortunately I had to drop Beach Core due to a lack of consistency. I had the opportunity to travel with team South Africa to South Korea with the Rowing team for the World Student Games and Congo for the African Games. Core continues to gain its growing reputation. I am still working with Hayley helping with the strength and conditioning of some of the swimmers from an elite swim squad as well as keeping my fingers in a little stroke correction every now and then.

I still train twice a week with Ocean Riders academy with my incredible training partner, Rentia and attend Pilates once a week in between my 3-5 swimming sessions in the sea or pool. It was disrupted due to my Bilharzia, but since my recovery I have regained any strength and fitness I lost and am looking forward to building from there into the New Year.
I am on the committee for the newly inaugurated Durban Long Distance Swimming association (DLDSA) and am in the process of setting up a non-profit company called Breathe Conservation.

Socially, I am blessed with an incredible community and support system that I get to do life with. All in all 2015 has been a good year of ticking boxes and progressing towards my greater goal of Hawaii and the journey that awaits me along the way.

I turned down 2 opportunities to work in India which were incredibly appealing and tempting but reminded me that the life I am living and where I am right now is where God has called me. I am living my dream. Despite being unwell for 8 months I still accomplished my goals and would not exchange that season for anything. The lessons I learnt are invaluable and I am incredibly grateful for that season of struggle and even more grateful for my friends and family who walked that path with me.

I am not sure I can successfully say I have achieved my motto for 2015 ‘ To be intentional in the pursuit of simplified living, learning the art of being present an enjoying the freedom of His presence.’ But I think after this holiday time with my brother and family time, I was very present, leaving my phone at home and enjoying the freedom of that. I aim to do more of that this year and believe that to be a lifelong process.

I see 2016 as the year of opportunity

I see 2016 as the year of opportunity and I pray that I have the grace and wisdom to take the right opportunities when they come and let go of the ones that are not in alignment with my lifelong dreams and goals. It promises to be another busy year as I continue to grow and develop my business, Breathe Conservation and the DLDSA as I become more focused and dedicated to my training for Hawaii and fundraising. I start the year with a 24 hour swim and have already been invited to do a potentially very exciting swim. This is just the beginning!

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