Philocaly Trail Day 2- Rest sick day

by | Nov 28, 2019 | View from the sea

I had a solid 8 hours sleep and woke with a high resting heart rate. I didn’t feel fabulous but figured I could swim. I wanted to swim but I was also aware that this was only day 2 and the longest day of the series (28 km from Umdloti to Sheffield) I did not want to risk damaging my heart and so got in touch with my doc who told me in strict instructions to abort the swim, switch off my phone and rest for the day.

I was bleak to say the least and had 2 new members of the team coming on the boat that day. I really did not want to let them down or the walkers and event organizer. I consulted with John and Sarah about all the possible options to still try and be part of the event for the day. We discussed going out in the boat and diving the reefs to find sharks and data, walking the route, doing a swim relay or finding a replacement swimmer for the day. Diving the reefs was quickly ruled out due to poor visibility. The south West was pumping and it was overcast and a pretty miserable day. I consulted my swim group to see if they were available to swim a relay. No luck there. In the end we decided to call it. I went to bed and John and Wofty took one for the team and walked some of the route with the walkers. I spent most of the day in bed sleeping and reading and watching my heart rate!

Emil, Caron and Jess spent the day sorting out boat logistics and finding launch spots. They took the boat and trailer up to Tinley to store for the night to launch from there for our day 3. Martin, at Tinley manor was incredibly accommodating allowing us to store the boat overnight for 2 nights. He was a hulk of a man who single handedly lifted our trailer full of luggage to turn the boat around!

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