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This week was my final week of rest and recovery before starting my rigorous training program for Hawaii. It was a tough week, which is actually a blessing in disguise because it means I won’t get such a shock when I start proper training next week!
Although I have named February rest and recovery month, I have still done a bit of training just for maintenance and to make sure my body doesn’t fall apart from doing nothing. I have done over 100 treatments on patients this month which in itself is not ‘restful’ so I am not going into March completely unprepared.

My coach and I did a strength testing on Wednesday so that my trainer could prepare my 6 week strength program as a foundational base from which to train. I decided to do my regular gym class after the testing and it was probably the best training session I have done this year. I knew that was a sign that I am ready to start training properly again. I did a recovery swim set on Thursday afternoon and finished off the week with a 3 hour standing Pilates workshop which completely broke me!

My body is hurting. This is going to become a familiar feeling for the next 18 months. When I used to train competitively, there were very few days in the year when I would not feel sore or completely exhausted from training. I know this new season is going to be different to any other I have experienced to date as I am going into it with loads more wisdom and experience than before. I know what to expect and I am prepared and ready for it. I am excited to train properly again for the first time in about 7 years. I know there will be days that are harder than others, I will have a lot of mental fights with my mind vs my body, but having the goal I have and the support team I do, I know I will get through it.

I haven’t even started training properly and I already had a taste of that mental and physical exhaustion during my 3 hour class on Friday afternoon, I was close to tears in frustration when I couldn’t balance on one leg. But that was yesterday. Today is a new day and I will recover and be fresh for Monday’s sessions.

I want to be able to show and help others to do the same

This morning I helped I Am Water with one of their snorkel days taking grade 7 kids from North Crest Primary School to Thompsons Beach in Balito for their first experience of snorkelling. On Monday morning I was privileged to share a small part of my story to 10 -1 3 year old girls from Fatima School before their major annual interschool gala. These are two experiences that are examples of why I want to go back to that place of pain and fatigue, why I want to push my body to the limit, why I want to break barriers and stretch boundaries. I want to be able to show and help others to do the same with the talent they have been given. To show everyone that they can also have an inspiring story and to help people live their own unique and epic story.

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