The Grind

by | Aug 7, 2018 | View from the sea

Sometimes life is a grind, things are tough and we strive to try and follow our dreams and make things happen but nothing appears to be happening. After months or years of trying, eventually one tends to get despondent, even someone with a positive inclination. As a generally positive and proactive person, it takes a while for things to get me down, but with all the changes in my life last year and trying to work through new emotions and territories, life got me down to a point where I had to seek help to help make sense of it all and pave a path out.

I find myself in a place today where I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor. Things that I have been trying to put into place for over a year are finally coming to fruition. Suddenly it feels surprisingly easy!

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised because I know how much went into it to making it happen. Recently, however, I realized that sometimes we can’t see the end of a seemingly dark tunnel or frustrating situation, but if we persevere and are faithful with the dreams and goals God has laid on our hearts or we have set for ourselves, in His perfect timing things will suddenly fall into place and we will see the fruits of our hard toil.

I recently made a short trip to Cape Town to surprise my mom and got to catch up with a few old friends there. As I brought friends up to date with my life, I had opportunity to reflect on how far I have come and I was amazed! I feel like I am finally finding my joy in life again. Not only because things are going well and I am seeing the fruits of my labor- although that most certainly has an impact, but because there has been a shift in my heart and attitude.

The other day I went for a sea swim with a friend of mine and I had so much fun. There was nothing particularly special about the morning although the sea was phenomenally flat! We just took a slow swim and I was just stoked to be in the water relatively pain free after suffering with a shoulder problem on and off for over a year! My goggles leaked the whole way to the pier and I got stung multiple times by some fireweed, but as we turned to come back my goggles fixed themselves and we spent a long time under the water trying to listen for dolphins and just enjoy the freedom of space and being in the ocean. On our return we got to witness what I thought was a once in a lifetime experience.

While we were swimming we spotted a red jelly fish accompanied by a little red frilly fish, neither my friend nor I had seen such a beautiful jellyfish and we were intrigued. We swam a bit closer and the fish swam straight at us as if it was trying to warn or protect us! It was the most amazing thing! We debated over whether the fish was protecting us or the jelly fish- being optimistic I opted for the former!

The swim was amazing and it was an experience I never expected to have again. I had left my camera behind and so was a bit disappointed not to capture such an experience on camera. We got out the sea and headed into our respective working day, but that moment was with me throughout the day as I shared it with friends and patients.
Reflecting on the swim was interesting as I exited the water with a swollen left eye, leaking goggles and a few stings, but the freedom of being in the sea and experiencing the fish and jelly fish far outweighed the tough little times leading up to that and so, for me, the swim was one of the best I have had in a long time.

Where there is honest labor there will always be fruit

I have realized that it is about perspective and effort. Sometimes we don’t see the fruits of our labor straight away, but where there is honest labor there will always be fruit. In the end it is always worth it and most of the time we experience a blessing far beyond what we had planned or anticipated! The hardships and challenges are part of the journey. We can not let them hinder us or rob us of our dreams.

So, push through those tough seasons, they will end, you will be stronger and richer as a result and experience once in a life time experiences more than once! (that will come in the next blog!)

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