Training Week 1

by | Aug 10, 2018 | View from the sea

This week was my first proper training week for the Kawi channel. I did try last week, but that did not go so well, so I started again this week. I got off to a less than ideal start getting to the pool quite late on Monday which meant I could only fit in 1500m of my 4.5km session. I went to work, saw a few patients before doing my strength session and then back to work before ending my day finishing my morning swim session with another 3km. Day 1, tick. Tuesday was thankfully a bit more chilled with a Pilates class in between work. I was already hurting! Wednesday was another big day with a double session, a 5km swim and a hard gym set. Thursday morning I finally got a sea swim in which was an epic start to the day.

Another full day of work before finishing the day with a fast 3km set in the pool. I was hurting and had one more big day to get through on Friday with work and a bit of recovery before a well rewarded 4km sea swim in spectacular conditions. I got through a total of 20km of swimming in week one with 2 gym sessions, Pilates and a recovery session in between a jam packed work week.

This is week one… it is only going to get longer, but I know my body will adapt as I slowly progress my time in the water interspersed with some training camps throughout the year. It is so good to be able to train again with no major injuries or health issues holding me back.

Although I was definitely tired this week and on day 2 I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a ton of bricks, it was a good, healthy fatigue. I had some good recovery strategies with Epson salt baths and some sports massages to help get me through. I have pushed my own boundaries to get through this week, with the knowledge that this is just the beginning and that the beginning is often the hardest. Even though I still feel uncomfortable in the water, within two weeks, I should be feeling comfortable in the water again. I have been here before, and i know this is going to be a long road, but I am excited to walk (or shall I say swim) it.

I am amped to get going again

I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who believe in my dream and are 100% behind me walking it with me, and motivating me along the way. I am amped to get going again, which is a massive psychological breakthrough for me after my experience with bili last year!

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