When preparation meets opportunity

by | Aug 10, 2018 | View from the sea

The last few weeks have been a fluctuation of emotional and physical challenges. I came off a high from a good solid block of training straight into hitting a physical wall. After 2 weeks of rest and medication, I still wasn’t getting better. I have since been through multiple tests and scans and sat the enduring test of waiting for results. It has not been fun and I am no closer to having any more answers. But amidst it all, I know that I will still be able to do my swim next year. I do believe there are answers and this season is just another one that is adding to my story. It will be a test of character and it will bring me out stronger in the end.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to 2 groups of people, sharing a little bit of my story and my dreams and I loved it. I would not have been comfortable with that a few years ago. My profession as a physio and Pilates instructor, as well as the lessons I have learnt through this swimming journey the last few years has prepared me to be able to openly talk to a bunch of strangers about my journey. I realised that God prepares you for your future without you even realising it. I love my job and am privileged to be able to do what I love, but I don’t see myself being a physio for the rest of my life. The last few years my career has been intentionally shifting in a new direction, but my years as a physio will never be wasted. So often, people don’t end up doing what they planned to do or trained to do, but everything along the way shapes us into who we become and we get to choose to embrace the journey and the trials along the way. In my talk, share about how important the journey is rather than the destination and I am currently experiencing a delay in my journey, but my sight has not shifted off the why or the goal ahead

It is the preparation in the off times that actually counts

Most often when the big events have happened in my career I actually have had the least ideal preparation. For my Umhlanga swim I had a tummy bug the day before, for the 24 hour swim I had done very little pool training, for Robben Island, I was prepared for an entirely different swim, for my 10km I have been off for the last 3 weeks. But it is the preparation in the off times that actually counts. The weeks of good training blocks will pull me through when it counts. My countdown quote for this week is ‘Good fortune happens when preparation meets opportunity’ I have prepared myself as best I can when I can for any opportunity has been thrown my way and as a result 2016 has been an incredible year of ‘good fortune’ I don’t believe in good fortune or luck per say and prefer to give glory to my heavenly father for providing me with incredible opportunities and giving me the discipline to push through the tough times and the wisdom and grace to accept or deny opportunities as they come. It is a joy to be able to live in the freedom that I get to do what I love as I surrender my dreams to the one who created them.

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